Core Competencies

Jakob & Partners has conducted independent research of highest standards in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets since 2005. This has been made possible through our extensive network of contacts and unique expertise of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological markets. This combination is enabling us to perform unique research and allows us to develop our expertise areas continuously.

Extensive Network

The staff in the EUAM office is continuously developing our network of thousands of relevant contacts throughout the EAUM region. These contacts consist of the relevant stakholders and range from producers to regulatory agencies. The dynamic nature of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological markets means that we continuously update our network of contacts to ensure our information is up-to date. On a daily basis we see changes in our network as new contacts and stakeholders are identified. The number of contacts we aim to cover is closely related to the number of stakeholders in the geographies we cover. Our main focus is however not on the numbers but on the relevance of our contacts and the relation we develop with our contacts as this is crucial for the quality of our research.

Expertise Areas

Our staff is instrumental to continuously develop Jakob & Partners expertise areas. We have determined four crucial areas of expertise: Vertical Structures, Regulatory, Clinical Issues and Patent Issues (see Expertise Areas). Combined these areas of expertise give us a unique insight in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology market. Everybody at Jakob & Partners has a role in the continuously development of our expertise areas and our experts are always heavily engaged in our research.