Our Offices

Our research is either covering several geographical regions or global by nature. Jakob & Partners has therefore developed in-depth expertise of all relevant pharmaceuticals markets and its players on all continents around the globe. This expertise is continuously strengthened by our staff based in offices in Copenhagen (DK) and Delhi (IN).

Our experts based in Copenhagen and Delhi work closely together to ensure global coverage and that relevant expertise is available to our clients and contacts.

Each office has a specific geographic scope which is based on the physical location and time zones it can realistically cover. Together we cover the globe. We are specialists in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology market; everybody has a proficiency in English and speaks at least two languages fluently. We have a range of nationalities employed and master all languages relevant to do global research.

Our expertise is continuously developed through daily interactions with key players in the pharmaceutical & biotechnological markets across the globe. We have thousands of contacts in the industry across the globe and have a unique understanding of the relations between the different players.

Our Copenhagen (Denmark) based office is responsible for the European as well as North American and South American markets (EUAM office) and our Delhi (India) office covers the markets in Asia, Australia, Oceania, and Africa. (APAC office).