Performance Culture

At Jakob & Partners we continuously aim to improve what we are doing. By continuously improving what we are doing we believe we can strengthen our position as leading provider of information in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets. Recruiting and development of our staff is therefore absolutely crucial. We recruit top candidates that can contribute to our culture. Also our approach to training and development is based on this philosophy and development plans are customized to the development needs of the individual employee.


We only recruit top performers, graduated from leading universities around the globe, as we believe the quality of our product is directly related to the quality of our people.

Training & Development

The company believes its talent pool of professionals to be the most important resources for the overall growth of the company and therefore makes significant investments in training & education. Internal training by our own experts as well as external training is part of the training methods used. We develop a custom training & development plan for each employee besides the general training program that all Jakob & Partners employees receive.

International Exposure

Employees at the Jakob & Partners attend international conferences to interact with different market players and develop unique insights into the pharmaceutical & biotechnological markets. Our research is based on teamwork and as most of our research is of global nature and requires therefore strong cooperation and daily contact between colleagues in our two offices. Visits from one office to the other for training purposes or to work on joint projects strengthen cooperation and gives international exposure