About us

About Jakob & Partners


Jakob & Partners is a global consulting firm, researching global market trends and performing high-value analyses of the pharmaceutical and biotech markets. We provide clients with unbiased, research and evidence-based analysis to support business decisions, and end-to-end comprehensive solutions that improve overall performance. We work exclusively with third-party clients to the pharmaceutical and biotech markets, ensuring a neutral point of departure in our interaction with these markets. Our cross-functional and cross-cultural teams do bespoke analyses to meet the exact needs of our clients at any given point in time. Reporting is based solely on qualified insights, delivered in a simple way.

Who we are

Jakob & Partners is a privately-owned liability company, independent from and with no cross interest in any pharmaceutical or biotech companies. We started out in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2005, and have since grown to become a truly global player.

Our mission

Jakob & Partners’ mission is to bring third-party business to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, ensuring clients best-in-class, objective market insights and knowledge. We aim to become the brand of choice for both clients outside and partners inside the industry.

Our Clients

Jakob & Partners’ clients are sophisticated companies or organizations, third-party to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our clients are from a different business habitat, and require best-in-class insights to the pharmaceutical and biotech markets, and objective guidance in their decision making. We work under strict confidentiality with our clients both, as a precaution to them but also to ensure unbiased response and feedback in our research in the pharmaceutical and biotech markets.

Our future clients

You are a lawyer, consultant, investor, patient organization or the like, who wants to work with, or to understand, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. You need detailed understanding of regulatory, patents, clinical and value chains, with the option of putting it in to the larger perspective.

Our partners

Our partners are in all tiers of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, covering more than 10,000 professionals in 150+ countries. We work together with our partners to understand the pharmaceutical and biotech markets and industries, and we have over the years become a key hub for knowledge and network building. It is our aim to be the critical reference for objective and precise insights for all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and biotech markets. We work with our partners on a non-commercial basis and under full confidentiality, and partnership options are only revealed under explicit consent of each party.

Our future partners

You are a resourceful and insightful player in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, with an interest in challenging your own and our insights, in order to improve your market and business understanding and opportunities. You are always welcome to contact us (info@jnp.com) or we will, in our research, contact you.