• About us


    To guide third-party business to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and markets

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  • About us


    We deliver unbiased research and evidence-based analysis to support your business decisions

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  • Our people


    We offer a friendly and flexible work environment, where our employees can develop their skills and enjoy being part of a professional and growing company

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  • What we do


    Identified, analyzed, and standardized from key regulatory, clinical, and patent sources in 150+ countries

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  • About us


    You are an investor, consultant, association or the like

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  • About us


    We investigate the pharmaceutical and biotech markets with no commercial interest in the market

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  • Our Network


    A key driver for our research is our network of contacts around the globe

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  • What we do


    We develop our own tailored IT solutions allowing us to quickly and systematically analyse vast amounts of data

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  • Our people


    Being a truly multinational, multicultural, and multilingual company, we have a distinctive, collegial culture that transcends organizational and geographic boundaries

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What we do


Our people


We employ highly skilled academics with key focus on the subject at hand, and who thrive in teamwork. All employees in Jakob and Partners get specialized in research and team leadership. We believe in continuous development of individual ability and management responsibility.

Researchers & Specialists

We have more than 70 Researchers and Specialists, split between our three offices, who together cover 150+ countries and 35+ languages, all top achievers with academic backgrounds such as PhDs or Masters in Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Economics, Business, Statistics, Mathematics, or alike.

The Researchers perform our evidence-based analysis and networking, which is at the core of our business.


  • Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Biology
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Social Sciences

Project managers

Our Project Managers have strong proven track records, refining and developing objective, coordination, and finally compilation of research, results and analysis, all provided in a simple accessible bespoke format.

Team leads

We currently have 25+ dedicated and specialized cross-functional teams, each driven by a Team Lead to ensure focus. Covering different verticals of research and knowledge, the teams span geographical, therapeutic and analytical expertise areas.

Team Leads are our knowledge hubs coordinating and mentoring the team members to continuously develop, improve and deliver insights.

Our culture

We have a truly multinational, multicultural, multilingual, and highly professional environment.

We have a distinctive, collegial culture that transcends organizational and geographic boundaries.

We continuously aim to find new paths and improve our performance.

We highly value the opportunity to work with sophisticated clients and insightful contacts; they drive our continued improvement.

Our values

The right company values are the only way to ensure the right company culture and thereby the right results. We try to select people with the right mindset and morals and from this basis have a constant focus on our key values.

Key values

  • High ethical norms
  • Diversity in culture and mindset
  • Unbiased and compliant research
  • Stringent quality standards
  • Objective and neutral communication


In Jakob and Partners, we are proud and passionate about what we do, and our colleagues are the backbone of our products.

We have developed an extensive and refined recruitment model, through which we employ talented, bright and creative people, with high moral values.

We offer a friendly and flexible environment, where our employees can develop their skills and positively grow together with Jakob and Partners.

Our employees are skilled academics (Masters or PhDs) with cultural and lingual assets. Both experienced and entry-level candidates are considered for employment.

If you believe you are qualified and possess the required skill-set to work with Jakob and Partners, please send us an e-mail.

Ready to meet a challenge?

  • To continue and accelerate your learning curve
  • To drill down to the extreme detail in each project
  • To work and be challenged in high performing, high demanding team
  • To be wrong
  • To learn and constantly challenge your own insights


Open positions

Primary Research Analyst

Would you like to become an expert on worldwide trends in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries? For more information please follow this link


What clients and contacts say about us
  • Jakob and Partners understand and tailor to their client’s needs – often they know what we need before we request it

    Client, since 2015
  • We very much value our long-term collaboration with Jakob and Partners – we are running projects with them since the last 10 years and know that for any critical issues, the same people are still there to support us

    Client, since 2005
  • Considering the support by Jakob and Partners is non-commercial, they react faster than expected. I always appreciate their friendship and honesty

    Contact, since 2011
  • Having been in contact for so many years, everything in the industry changes, but Jakob and Partners is still there, small and professional

    Contact, since 2005
  • Jakob and Partners deliver high quality information, are highly dependable and are always on time

    Client, since 2014
  • Jakob and Partners’ vast understanding of global trends ensures a fast turnaround from request to product

    Client, since 2007
  • I appreciate that even when not knowing a subject in-depth, Jakob and Partners are always creative and point me in the directions where I should search for information

    Contact, since 2012

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