About us

Who we are

Jakob and Partners is a global consulting firm, researching market trends and performing high-value analyses of the pharmaceutical and biotech markets.

We provide unbiased research and evidence-based analysis to support business decisions, and end-to-end comprehensive solutions that improve overall performance.

We work exclusively with third-party clients to the pharmaceutical and biotech markets, ensuring a neutral point of departure in our networking and interaction in these markets.

Our cross-functional and cross-cultural teams do bespoke analyses to meet the exact needs of our clients at any given point in time. Reporting is based solely on qualified insights, delivered in a simple way.

Jakob and Partners is a privately-owned liability company, independent from and with no cross interest in any pharmaceutical or biotech companies.

We started out in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2005 with a handful of people. In 2008, we set up a sister company in India, Gurgaon, and in the US, Fort Lauderdale, in 2019. Currently we are more than 70 professionals between the three offices.