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In Jakob and Partners, we are proud and passionate about what we do, and our colleagues are the backbone of our products.

We have developed an extensive and refined recruitment model, through which we employ talented, bright and creative people, with high moral values.

We offer a friendly and flexible environment, where our employees can develop their skills and positively grow together with Jakob and Partners.

Our employees are skilled academics (Masters or PhDs) with cultural and lingual assets. Both experienced and entry-level candidates are considered for employment.

If you believe you are qualified and possess the required skill-set to work with Jakob and Partners, please send us an e-mail.

Ready to meet a challenge?

  • To continue and accelerate your learning curve
  • To drill down to the extreme detail in each project
  • To work and be challenged in high performing, high demanding team
  • To be wrong
  • To learn and constantly challenge your own insights


Open positions

Primary Research Analyst

Would you like to become an expert on worldwide trends in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries? For more information please follow this link