What our patients have to say

We are reliable & Trusted
  • Jakob and Partners deliver high quality information, are highly dependable and are always on time

    Client, since 2014
  • Having been in contact for so many years, everything in the industry changes, but Jakob and Partners is still there, small and professional

    Contact, since 2005
  • We very much value our long-term collaboration with Jakob and Partners – we are running projects with them since the last 10 years and know that for any critical issues, the same people are still there to support us

    Client, since 2005
  • Considering the support by Jakob and Partners is non-commercial, they react faster than expected. I always appreciate their friendship and honesty

    Contact, since 2011
  • Jakob and Partners’ vast understanding of global trends ensures a fast turnaround from request to product

    Client, since 2007
  • I appreciate that even when not knowing a subject in-depth, Jakob and Partners are always creative and point me in the directions where I should search for information

    Contact, since 2012
  • Jakob and Partners understand and tailor to their client’s needs – often they know what we need before we request it

    Client, since 2015