Who We Are

Jakob & Partners is a leading global information provider of key insights on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets. Jakob & Partners was established by a group of people with extensive experience and networks in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors. As a fully owned limited liability company Jakob & Partners ensures its independence with no cross interests in either pharmaceutical or biotechnological companies.

Jakob & Partners is focused on doing independent research of highest standards only for clients – companies or institutions – who are working as third party to the pharmaceutical and biotechnological markets. This includes investment groups/banks, consultants, and various public and semi-public institutions who use our research for the purpose of investments decisions and market analyses.

Research is our product and is the result of our extensive network of thousands of contacts across the globe which, combined with our area's of expertise (Vertical Structure, Regulatory, Clinical and Patent) form the core competences of Jakob & Partners. (see a detailed description in the Services section of our website).

Our staff is crucial in continuously developing our core competences; our network of contacts and pillars of expertise. To ensure independent research of the highest standards we recruit only top performers from the best universities across the globe. Our staff is based in our Copenhagen (Denmark) and Delhi (India) office. Our offices have a different geographical scope but work closely together to ensure the global coverage so crucial for our research.