Jakob & Partners

Jakob & Partners is a highly specialized information company focusing exclusively on the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries and markets. Jakob & Partners service Clients and Contacts with in-depth analyzed information on the pharmaceutical and biotechnical global markets.

Jakob & Partners is a privately owned limited liability company, independent from and with no cross interests in either pharmaceutical or biotechnological companies.

Our clients are high-end third-party companies (investors, consultants, and investment banks) to the pharmaceutical and biotechnological markets and our contacts – information partners – are key players in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological markets.

All services – whether for clients or contacts – are tailored and a result of combining continuously developed information systems with continuously increasing knowledge and knowhow of our individual researchers and analysts.

Jakob & Partners has a global reach combining information on vertical structures – such as value chains – with key timing factors of regulatory and clinical timing as with feasibility constraints of patents and certifications – summarized in a clear: Who, when, where! All of this combined in our key Expertise’s: Vertical structure, Regulatory, Clinical issues and Patent issues.

Jakob & Partners continuously develops its contacts within all key institutions of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries and cover today more than 600 public institutions globally, with regular meetings and discussions on specific and general issues.

To meet our objectives we have more than 30 specialists, covering 15+ nationalities, 40+ languages and top academic achievers spanning: PhD and Masters in: Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Economics, Business, Pharmacy, Medicines, Statistics, Biophysics, and Mathematics.